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The Cantina Rapinzeri is located in the Trapani area immersed in the Santa Ninfa Nature Reserve. In this landscape of gentle slopes at 540 m above sea level,
the rows of vineyards refine their product over the seasons to exalt the senses.
The Rapinzeri company was founded in 1960, initially growing wheat and cotton, then over time we moved on to viticulture. As the years passed and the company gained experience, it increasingly increased its cultivation of vines, up to the point of cultivating the current vineyards with the varieties: Viognier, Müller-Thurgau, Catarratto and Syrah.
The unique characteristics of this territory, altitude, soil texture and advantageous climatic factors, make these grapes quality, reaching the greatest expression of the territory.
The company also looks to the future with the complete conversion to Organicand eco-sustainable, drawing energy from renewable sources and carrying out as little intervention as possible on the vineyards on the finished wine.
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