Lombardy, a region of Italy that boasts the city of Milan as its economic capital, presents a landscape characterized by the Pianura Padana and by the Alps and Pre-Alps, crossed by well-known rivers such as the Po, the Adda, the Oglio and the Ticino. Famous are Lake Garda, Maggiore, Lake Como and Iseo, a destination for the most sophisticated travellers. The woods of Valtellina, the ski slopes and the hills of Franciacorta are the naturalistic experience to be fully experienced. The beauty of the natural landscape is combined with the unique flavors of local wines, cheeses and cured meats. The vineyards of Franciacorta are among the most famous: Pinot Noir, Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay. Valtellina is identified with Bitto cheese and bresaola and with the heroic viticulture of the Sassella and Sforzato red wines.

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