TheAosta Valley, called the heart of the Alps, is the smallest Italian region, with a territory characterized by majestic mountains, including some of the highest and most famous peaks in Europe such as Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn and the Gran Paradiso which soar above woods, waterfalls, streams and ancient castles. In the list of products from the region, the most representative are: Fontina DOP, the polenta concia, the Prosciutto of Saint-Rhémy- en-Bosses, Arnad lard, Bleu d'Aoste cheese, hazelnut tiles. And then the red wines such as Torrette, Enfer d'Arvier; the dry white mountain wine Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle.
A true triumph of mountain enogastronomythat Italy can boast of offering to the most refined palates and friends of the mountains.

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