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The Massimo Rattalino company is located on one of the most prestigious hills in the Barbaresco area. The choice to dedicate almost the entire production, with the exception of some plots, to this noble and versatile vine was a precise choice to better enhance the main Piedmont vine. The care of the vineyards is precise, even if marked by the variability of nature which allows the ripening of the bunches and their harvesting year after year. Careful management of the vineyards is essential to successfully face the numerous climatic challenges and to bring high quality grapes to the cellar.
In their wines you can find elegance and personality without ever making compromises: they tell stories of tradition and rigor, and do not slip away behind the promise of an easy and good approach for everyone.
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Selezione prodotti enogastronomici
Selezione prodotti enogastronomici

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