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The Felicetti pasta factory was born in Predazzo in Trentino Alto Adige, surrounded by majestic peaks and embellished with unique views. The company's idea is to produce by combining work, research and experimentation which translate into a continuous process of innovation, all while respecting the founding values of their ideas of quality, goodness and healthiness.
The doughs are adapted to the constantly evolving trends of the modern world, with different selections of cereals, with different new dies and with packaging that enhances the product and they respect the clients. Selected durum wheat semolina, wholemeal and organic, as well as Kamut Khorasan and spelled, are evaluated according to the most rigorous quality criteria,
ensuring that they are made even before storage in the silos, of the purity and organoleptic richness of the semolina.
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Selezione prodotti enogastronomici
Selezione prodotti enogastronomici

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