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Enrico Serafino was a twenty-three-year-old heir to a family of wealthy landowners with no connection to the world of wine who moved to Canale, in the heart of the best Piedmontese wine production area, with an act of strong will he began the production of Barolo, Barbaresco and Classic Method, also rediscovering the Picotener Langhe del Nebbiolo also known as “ Nebbiolo Dimenticato”.
The current owner family, Krause Gentile, passionate about Piedmont and good wine, has renewed the original act of will of the founder, adopting the attention to details, the artisanal soul and the respect for future generations that distinguish Enrico's wines Serafino since 1878.
At Enrico Serafino, family values based on people, vineyards, traditions and constant work over time, which is why artisanal wines are produced, passing down the experience acquired from generation to generation.
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Selezione prodotti enogastronomici

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