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The Berta Distillerie company is located in Mombaruzzo in Piedmont. Its origins date back to seventy years ago, and over time the love and passion for grappa have remained unchanged.
For the Berta company, a great point of arrival cannot regardless of a good start and grappa is no exception, therefore a good grappa always starts from a good pomace.
In fact the pomace is the starting point of the process, the skin of the grape previously used to make wine, it is cleaned of leaves and stems and processed.
The excellent quality grappa obtained, at the end of distillation, is transparent like water and to give it that intense amber color and enriching its aromas with hints of coffee, butter and vanilla, it is aged in wooden barrels.
The company prefers sustainable production methods, avoiding produce more than necessary.
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Selezione prodotti enogastronomici

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