Diamante 41 10 cl Condiaroma 33
Diamante 41 10 cl Condiaroma 33
Diamante 41 10 cl Condiaroma 33
Diamante 41 10 cl Condiaroma 33
Diamante 41 10 cl Condiaroma 33
Diamante 41 10 cl Condiaroma 33

Diamante 41 10 cl Condiaroma 33

The natural condiment "Riserva Diamante" is the result of the love for the Sicilian land and its most authentic traditions: with a fruity grape flavor, it is a natural vinegar with personality strong and full-bodied taste, characterized by a beautiful clear dark color.

Pairings Thanks to its intense taste, it is an excellent accompaniment for appetizers based on aged cheeses or semi-seasoned. It goes equally well with sweet flavors: to be tried with fresh fruit, especially strawberries and oranges, and ice cream.

  • Ingredients Wine vinegar - Grape sugar;
  • Quantity of grapes for 1 liter of product: 20 kg;
  • Number of rackings: 41; Taste: Aromatic and pleasant;
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After 41 long years of passion, in the research and production of reserves, I have finally managed to give life to a product of excellence, one of a kind. As with the renowned Marsala wine, the "Condiaroma 33" is also aged in the same way, i.e. with the "Soleras" method, thus making it the only natural Sicilian balsamic vinegar. After this aging process, CONDIAROMA33 remains liquid, does not stain, and takes on dark shades. Furthermore, during the aging process it does not oxidize and does not lose its natural aroma and original perfume.

CONDIAROMA33 enhances the flavors of the dishes, enhancing their aromas and perfumes; it is obtained from aging of 12/33/41 rackings. Today what drives me to make a tradition a real business is the desire to make this product known to all those who love good food, made of fine ingredients, but above all the great quality of this product. It was born from the idea of mixing the yeasts of that vinegar coming from my ancestors' barrels with concentrated must with a high sugar content, coming from grapes of those same vines that allowed its production, giving life to the first "Sicilian Balsamic Vinegar". gluten-free and fat-free.

Condiaroma 33

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