Pomegranate Liqueur 50 cl Coral Sorsi di Sicilia

Pomegranate Liqueur 50 cl Coral Sorsi di Sicilia

Very fine pomegranate liqueur, handcrafted in Sicily according to an ancient local recipe. To be served strictly cold, the pomegranate liqueur is available in a 500 ml bottle. This liqueur obtained from the infusion of Sicilian pomegranates is characterized by its intense, unique and fresh flavor. A genuine product that contains the flavor and aroma of one of the typical fruits of the island. Strengths: Handcrafted in Sicily Obtained from the infusion of pomegranates.

  • Directions for use: This liqueur should be served cold, perhaps as an after meal or as an accompaniment to a dessert.
  • Alcohol content: Vol. 26%
  • Storage conditions: Keep this product in the refrigerator and serve cold. Shake to mix any natural sediments deposited.
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