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Ace Brick 1 lt Skipper Zuegg
Ace Brick 1 lt Skipper Zuegg
Ace Brick 1 lt Skipper Zuegg
Ace Brick 1 lt Skipper Zuegg

Ace Brick 1 lt Skipper Zuegg

Made with 100% ingredients of natural origin, without preservatives and colorings and all the intense flavor of fruit.

Water, orange juice from concentrate (19%), sugar, carrot juice from concentrate (5.3%), lemon juice from concentrate (4.1%), acerola juice from concentrate, natural flavourings, vitamin E, beta-carotene, (pro-vitamin A) .

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Zuegg was born in Lana d'Adige as a family business, it immediately took care of using an honest and transparent approach based on collaboration and discussion, learning to grow every variety of fruit selected in its chosen territory, from which it originates in a unique way due to the intrinsic characteristics of the terroir.
The best raw materials, combined with the excellent skills developed over years of refinement contribute to creating recipes designed to enhance the properties of each fruit, offering superior taste experiences. Their work is based on continuous improvement to offer excellent products that encourage the consumption of fruit and vegetables.
Buy them online on Acchiari. Trust me, it's worth it.

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