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the Les Crêtes company, owned by the Charrère Family, manages 35 hectares of vineyard distributed across six municipalities in the Aosta Valley, with an annual production of 250,000 bottles, it is the largest private company in the Aosta Valley.
With its centenary history, Les Crêtes produces quality wines in an Alpine context, which develops at the foot of Mont Blanc, characterized by high mountains, sandy slopes and cold temperatures. The cool, dry and ventilated microclimate is characterized by soils of morainic origin, draining and with a strong mineral component.
Attention to the environment and cultivation techniques are fundamental aspects for this reality, which follows the guidelines of the programs Europeans in the sector with regards to phytosanitary treatments, making reduced use of pesticides.
The philosophy of Les Crêtes is to continue to follow the values of past generations, enhancing the "terroir" with loyalty and respect for traditions but looking towards future with innovation and fully express the potential of a mountain wine-growing area like that of the Aosta Valley.
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