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The Cooperativa “Rinascita” was born in 1977, from the idea of three young producers, to launch production and marketing of tomatoes, in the Valledolmo area in the Palermo area.
Over the years, the "Rinascita" cooperative becomes the fulcrum around which hundreds of small Valledolmo producers organize marketing, logistics management and of the contribution. Over time it became a small processing industry, contributing to economic and social development for the benefit of its members and the local economy.
The industrial transformation of the “Siccagno di Valledolmo” tomato and the variety "Pizzutello" recognized as a Slow Food presidium, takes place with technologically advanced machinery and in possession of all hygienic-sanitary requirements, suitable for marketing on a national and international level. The harvesting takes place strictly by hand, as does the quality control.
The Rinascita cooperative produces GMO-free tomatoes, planted, cultivated and harvested strictly by hand, reducing to minimum mechanical processing and CO2 emissions.
Another excellence that Acchiari offers to its public.

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