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The Pelissero company, in Treiso in Piedmont, is located where the spirit of continuous research, in the vineyard and then in the cellar, are the constants that come together to the pride of having now reached the third generation of vine growers. However, their philosophy has not changed: only native varieties typical of their lands and in particular Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto
which cover 85% of their production . The Pelissero winery is very attached to the popularization aspect of its labels, precisely because of the commitment and research it uses to put them on the market.
Passion, commitment and innovative dynamism are the values that encourage the feverish work of its collaborators too, who come from every corner of the Earth, to assist in the creation of labels that fully express the soul of their wines.
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Selezione prodotti enogastronomici

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