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Mora&Memo is the result of a passion that can only arise from those who live the vine and breathe the wine since its birth, it is the result of a tradition that has been lost in the four previous generations and, above all, it is the passion of Elisabetta Pala Daughter of “Wine” and also granddaughter of “Wine”.
And so Mora&Memo has a his interpretation of the characteristic image of Sardinia, the Sardinian Moor present in the Sardinian flag is revisited in a feminine key, the Mora, a woman strongly linked to the memory and tradition of her land but always with her gaze turned to the outside world.
The native Mora& Memo vineyards are raised with the traditional method and cultivated in an organic regime to give life to wines that they strongly reflect the flavors and colors of the island.
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Selezione prodotti enogastronomici

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