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The Gianni Doglia winery has been producing wines in Castagnole delle Lanze (Asti – Piedmont) for over three generations. Gianni, an oenologist and profound expert on the territory, aided by the experience of his parents and supported by his sister Paola, is directly responsible for the cultivation of the sixteen hectares of vineyards located in the municipalities of Castagnole delle Lanze, Coazzolo and Nizza Monferrato. The family-run company allows us to pay particular attention to the entire production chain, managing to best express the essence of a unique territory, rich in oenological excellence and Unesco Heritage. This territory is characterized by a special fragrance, given by a particular climate, mitigated in spring by the Foehn winds coming from the Alps and in summer by the "Marin" coming from the Ligurian Sea, all this gives the wines unique aromas and flavors in terms of aromaticity and freshness.
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Selezione prodotti enogastronomici

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