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The Fratelli Abrigo company was founded in Diano d'Alba in Piedmont in 1935, but it was in the Seventies that Ernesto Abrigo started the production of the first bottles with the “Fratelli Abrigo” brand,
putting his studies to good use. Today the company is still family-run; Ernesto is supported by his sister Mariarita and his son Walter.
The company's workforce is made up of employees who have been trained over the years to better integrate them into the philosophy of a family company.
In recent years Fratelli Abrigo has seen a profound renewal necessary to combine tradition with the innovation of modern times,
with new winemaking techniques combined with more attractive packaging. The Albeisa bottle, which completes the idea of typicality, and the new brand that best summarizes this change.
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Selezione prodotti enogastronomici

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