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The company Ferrarelle S.p.A. is the fourth Italian group in the mineral water sector. It owns the brands: Ferrarelle, Natìa, Santagata, Roccafina, Vitasnella, Le linfe di Vitasnella, Boario and Fonte Essenziale. Furthermore, the company distributes the Evian brand exclusively for Italy, all bottled in the two factories of Darfo Boario Terme (BS) and Riardo (CE).
The Ferrarelle source was born with rainwater coming into contact with the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina. A journey 15 km long and lasting over 30 years. This water is a great ally of the body thanks to its particular composition of minerals and its natural effervescence which brings out the flavors of every meal.
Ferrarelle is the only natural effervescent of quality guaranteed by SGS certification and is in fact subjected to over 615 daily checks. “Pleasure lies in a drop, in a sip, in a thousand Ferrarelle bubbles.
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