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The farm of Federico Curtaz, agronomist and oenologist originally from Val d'Aosta, began in Piedmont, where from a young age he was fascinated by the Monferrato,
the place where his grandparents owned Barbera vineyards, from here the passion for wine was born.
In 2007, he became a partner of the Fessina estate , in Sicily. The Etna land seduces Curtaz and in 2014, he begins an adventure in his own name, from the management of the vineyards to the production of wine,
developing and cultivating his own research on native vines. The love for Sicily lies precisely in its characteristics and in the variety of soils, environments and climates that generate wines of character and personality. Federico Curtaz ensures that Sicily itself manifests itself in the wines, starting from the Nero d'Avola Ananke, passing through the Purgatorio, Etna rosso , Range for the white Etna up to the Kudos Etna superior white.
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