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Spadafora is a noble Sicilian family, of which the first traces date back to 1230. The founder of the agricultural company is Don Pietro dei Principi di Spadafora, who receives the estate as an inheritance.
The current owner is Francesco Spadafora, son of Don Pietro, supported by his daughter Enrica.
Over the years the company has reevaluated the native vineyards and brought allochthonous vineyards to Sicily intended for the creation of quality wines.
The Spadafora Agricultural Company is located in the municipality of Monreale, in the Palermo area, it cultivates all its vineyards in an agricultural area around its cellar and uses exclusively its own grapes.
The company cultivates all the land in an organic regime, using exclusively natural products and vinifies its wines without the use of sulphur, they are used yeasts produced from the same grapes.
The company's motto is: respect for the times and needs of nature, to give its wines character and quality.
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