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The Pellegrino winery was founded in 1880 in Marsala, when the notary Paolo Pellegrino, a passionate winemaker, founded the winery, destined to become one of the most important in Sicily. In the long history of Pellegrino, the story of wine intersects with that of social commitment. A deep bond with the land of origin which is expressed in entrepreneurial activities, born and developed not only for the valorization of wine, but also for that of the agricultural and natural resources that characterize it. An industrious rhythm marks the life of a land and its men, elevating nobility of soul and perpetuating ancient peasant traditions. It is the rhythm that enlivens life in Marsala, on the western edge of the island, the scene of stories of farmers, women and men,
immersed in the laborious work of the land and in the production of excellent quality wines.
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Selezione prodotti enogastronomici

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