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The aperitif with Aperol has been the Italian tradition par excellence since 1919. A ritual that invites us to slow down, unplug and enjoy moments of relaxation with friends. Created in 1919 by brothers Luigi and Silvio Barbieri in their father's liqueur company, and is the result of seven years of experimentation.
Since the post-war period and in the following years, Aperol has become famous throughout Italy, especially among young people adults who gathered in cafes. In the 1950s, the famous recipe was born that made the Aperol Spritz cocktail very popular.
With the acquisition by the Gruppo Campari, Aperol continues a strong advertising campaign for Aperol Spritz, becoming even more international. These are the years in which Aperol forged strong links with art, advertising, fashion and lifestyle, achieving resounding success not only in Italy but throughout the world, and for over 100 years the perfect aperitif.
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