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the Aganis project was born from the desire of the brothers Simone, Alessio and Fabio to build something new. Having gained experience at the helm of the family business, they decided to leave their borders to explore new sensations and Friuli seduced them. Having transformed the dream into reality, a wine was created that fills the glasses with emotions, sensations and memories that evoke the nuances and aromas of the Friulian hills.
The Aganis company adopts the integrated defense protocols reducing the exploitation of the soil and limiting the inconsiderate use of chemical agents, maintaining the balance of the hilly ecosystem.
The Aganis winery produces native Friulian varietal wines, both white, red and sparkling, with a total capacity of approximately 35,000 hl.
Approximately 60,000 bottles are bottled every year. distributed in over 60 countries around the world.
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Selezione prodotti enogastronomici

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