Sicilian Amaro Amaranca 20 cl Romeo

Sicilian Amaro Amaranca 20 cl Romeo

An extraordinary product much appreciated by the gastronomy awarded with stars.
AMARANCA is a bitter obtained from the processing of Sicilian wild orange and the extraction of medicinal herbs and roots collected on the slopes of Etna carefully selected and processed according to an ancient family recipe preserved unchanged over time.
The complete recipe with the list of all the herbs and the exact doses still remains secret today and the preparation in its phase the latter is performed behind closed doors by family members who run the company. A bitter with an unmistakable taste and therapeutic and aphrodisiac properties. It has a dark color, with a not excessively bitter taste. It is drunk neat or with ice, preferably with orange peel and / or fresh mint leaf. Mainly used as a digestive or summer drink (with lots of ice).

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