Sicilian Pistacchiessa Pack in a box of 38 pcs Ancient Sicilian

Sicilian Pistacchiessa Pack in a box of 38 pcs Ancient Sicilian Biscotteria

A white crunch encloses an enthralling softness. Almond paste meets the unmistakable fullness of Sicilian pistachios, for a perfect harmony of flavors.

Ingredients: Almonds, Sugar, Egg White, Honey, Aromas and Pistachios.

Packaged in box of 38 pieces

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The fragrance and softness of each dessert of the Ancient Sicilian Biscotteria are riches that accompany it from the moment it is baked until the moment it delights your palate. The method of wrapping each individual dessert to ensure that the flavor and texture of our almond paste remains intact for months. This special treatment makes the packages ideal for shipping and transport. You can also always take our sweets with you and, when you feel like it, you can simply open the practical bag, get intoxicated by an irresistible scent and give yourself a pleasant moment of pure taste and sweetness. The open and taste sachets are also customizable for any type of event, whether it is a business meeting or an anniversary to celebrate. In fact, you can decide to write a name, or a dedication, or whatever you want to make a moment unique! Antica Biscotteria Siciliana offers its customers the ability to customize the bags containing the sweets with their own logo and / or text. The surcharge for these customized sachets is € 3 per kg (only for a minimum order of 2 kg). Contact us


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