White Wine Inzolia Almond Flavored White Fillide 75 cl Coral

White Wine Inzolia Almond Flavored White Fillide 75 cl Coral Sorsi di Sicilia

Bianco Fillide is a white wine flavored with almonds, a sweet wine, ideal to drink at the end of a meal, as an accompaniment to dessert. It stands out thanks to its characteristic Sicilian aroma and its delicate and sweet flavour.
Strengths: Handcrafted in Sicily.
Recommendations for use: it is recommended to serve cold.

Alcohol content: Vol. 12.5%.
Storage method: Once opened, store the product in the refrigerator.
INGREDIENTS: wine, sugar, natural ALMOND flavouring.

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Curiosity: Bianco Fillide is a Sicilian wine that takes its name from an ancient tale of Greek mythology. The ancient Greeks told that the princess Phyllis met Acamante son of Theseus landed in his kingdom for a stop during the navigation to Troy the two young people fell madly in love, but Acamante was forced to continue with the Achaeans to fight in the Trojan war. The war lasted ten long years, during which Phyllis waited for his beloved Achamante. Conquered and destroyed the city of Troy, the Greeks finally began to return to their homeland. The princess, not seeing him return after days, thought that her beloved had disappeared, and in desperation she died. The goddess Athena, moved to pity for the tragic end of the young princess, transformed Phyllis into an Almond tree. Acamante, who in reality was not dead, when he came and learned of Phyllis's death and her transformation, went to the Almond tree and hugged him lovingly. Thus it was, that suddenly, the bare branches of the almond tree were covered with flowers instead of leaves, as if to return Acamante's tender embrace.


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