Terre Della Baronia Gran Cuvée Classic Method Brut 75 cl

Terre Della Baronia Gran Cuvée Classic Method Brut 75 cl Azienda Agricola G Milazzo

The Gran Cuvée is the result of meticulous work in selecting and assembling the best sparkling wine bases. The crucial phase is represented by the tasting of the cuvées to select those with the best characteristics, which will then create that harmony of aromatic and gustatory nuances, which will give rise to a complex and harmonious wine.
GRAPES: dominant Chardonnay and some biotypes of Inzolia
TYPE OF SOIL: Milici, plateau of marly origin with a high clay component, highly calcareous, rich in skeleton - Fondirò, lower slope with gentle slope, very organic and rather deep soil
GROWING SYSTEM : Tende and guyot
HARVEST PERIOD: First half of August
HARVEST METHOD: Manual in 14 kg boxes
VINIFICATION: Whole bunch pressing, controlled temperature fermentation and refinement of the sparkling wine bases in steel
MATURATION: The main cuvée derives from the 2010 HARVEST and is the result of the assembly of 9 wines from grapes coming from as many different sub-areas, while approximately 10% is made up of older cuvées of which THE oldest HARVEST is the 2006. With the addition of the liqueur de tirage, the second fermentation was started and the bottles were stacked. Minimum 48 months on yeasts.
ALCOHOLIC: 12.5% vol.

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